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Frequently Asked Questions

The H-2A program is the only legal, nonimmigrant foreign worker visa program available to agricultural employers with a temporary or seasonal labor need.

Any U.S. agricultural employer that demonstrates a temporary or seasonal labor need may apply for the H-2A program. Visas are issued for up to ten months and can be extended under certain conditions. SCFLC will help you support the claim that your need is indeed temporary and/or seasonal in nature. Furthermore, this is a practice that can become a recurring solution for your cyclical labor needs. 

Potential users of the H-2A program represent a broad spectrum of the agricultural industry from small, family farms to large, corporate producers. No matter the size of your operation, we will find a way to help you!

You would be dealing with a legal and reliable workforce that will help you grow your business. Regardless of country of origin, H-2A workers are highly motivated because typically their goal is to return to the same U.S. employer year after year.

Working with a reputable and compliant farm labor contractor will give you peace of mind. SCFLC will be responsible for handling all the red tape, so you can focus on doing what you best know: grow!

We will handle recruitment, logistics in the country of origin, travel to the U.S., housing, transportation to your places of employment, and even payroll and payment methods. Just tell us when and where you need us, and we will be there!

Planning is key. The process takes between 60 and 75 days before your date of need. There are several steps that need to take place before workers can arrive at your business, beginning with your State Workforce Agency (790), following with the Federal Department of Labor Chicago Processing Center (9142) and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (I-129). Of course, we handle all petition paperwork and scheduling tasks with these entities. 

The cost will vary from state to state because of the different AEWR (Adverse Effect Wage Rates). We will factor in additional costs like housing and insurance. Please refer to the following link for the AEWR for your state. These wage rates have been confirmed for 2022.